La prima edizione dei Corsi estivi di canto e movimento è stata apprezzata da tutti i partecipanti. Per sei giorni complessivi, hanno seguito lezioni individuali e di gruppo di canto e movimento, hanno imparato a rilassarsi durante il canto e hanno partecipato a due eventi artistici – Confluenze religiose (nella Chiesa di San Francesco d’Assisi) e Lamenti e risate (nel Parco Archeologico Santa Maria D’Agnano). Nel tempo libero, sono stati ad Alberobello, una delle più belle città della regione. Divertimento, amicizie, momenti gioiosi e lavoro intenso – tutte definiscono questa esperienza musicale.Impressioni sull’evento ed anche foto in basso.


Esperienza eccellente. Apprezzo l’intenso lavoro di Angela Sindeli, Ruxandra Nicolescu e Andra Demidov, che non hanno mai guardato gli orari ma sempre hanno seguito l´obiettivo principale – il nostro miglioramento. Il corso mi ha portato non solo il miglioramento di qualche brano ma anche alcuni elementi ed impulsi per il miglioramento della tecnica vocale nel mio percorso musicale. Considero anche utilissimo poter esibirmi durante due concerti e provare alcune cose nella prattica. Grazie ancora ed alla prossima!
Jiri Sittek

I very much enjoyed last year’s CantOstuni Masterclass under the strict and charming “baton” of great singing teacher Angela Sindeli. Lovely mix of singing practice, performance opportunity, relaxation exercise in beautiful surroundings, pleasant company plus great food! What more could one ask for, please?
Cord Meier – Klodt

I loved CantOstuni masterclass last year. It was an amazing experience, with amazing people. I was very happy because I had the opportunity to materialize a crazy dream and bring it to life in the most original and transforming way for me. The support and connection that I felt made me so inspired in creating my composition and let it out to reach the heart of the audience, that I still can’t believe it all happened so nicely and deeply. Everything was an initiatic experience, where I got out of comfort zones, with strong motivations of being able to manifest myself the way I intend to and to huge steps forward to creating and giving birth to my own dreams. The connection between opening myself through singing and body movement opened so many new perspectives of being fully embodied and connected to my emotions, while performing and letting myself out. I have come a long way and still have milestones ahead, but I enjoy every piece of the road and I do believe with all my heart that everything is possible and that there are a lot of worlds out there waiting to be created into this world through our art and performance. Thank you, Angela, Ruxandra, Andra, Padre and to all the wonderful people in Ostuni that made us feel so welcomed, cared for and home. You are amazing and I can’t wait to see you again in Ostuni in this year’s new masterclass.
Lavinia Cristescu

To me, the CantOstuni experience represented more than just a music masterclass. It was a magic period of time that has offered me the opportunity to discover the important ingredients of singing and life, the relationship between our feelings with our voice, and also, the beauty of working, learning and sharing with other people the passion for music. Through this artistic journey, I got to know more about my vocal abilities, I could actually feel their fullness and complexity, but most importantly, my brain learned to process the evolution of my sound’s emotions. The singing lessons fed my energy in a really positive way, the atmosphere was full of harmony, but also hard work. What I loved the most about these lessons was the fact that besides getting to become more aware of our voices, we also got the chance to express our weaknesses, and why not, experience them, deeply. These moments were the ones that made me realize the powerful connection of voice and spirit, performance and sensibility. I think it is essential to know that your capacities are permanently growing and getting more intense when you live the melody. All these notions were instilled to us by our wonderful coordinators, special people, with warm hearts and, of course, a lot of experience.
The dedication, teaching technique, patience, and the love they expressed their ideas with were truly fabulous and constructive. I couldn’t be more grateful for their advice and thoughts! Obviously , I can’t finish my impression without mentioning my favorite moment of the project, the one I had enjoyed the most. Our first public performance was titled “Confluenze religiose”. The message behind it was to show the valuable connection, and beauty of religions. I remember the strong vibrations my soul was dancing with, that evening…the warm-smiling audience, and, of course, the majestic church that was hosting the special energy. It was a moment full of different emotions, stories, and feelings, everything was floating around us…and I think that this is how it should be. CantOstuni was a great experience for my musical self, but also for my soul. The preparation time, body-awareness and music lessons, the strolls, the concerts, the people, and the fairy-tale atmosphere of Ostuni have created an unforgettable memory that I’m planning to keep forever in my heart.
Livia Maria Pisăliță

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ANdra demidov (Romania)

body awareness

ruxandra nicolescu (italy)